Nagaland Sports in Focus: Mecievi Khieya


BY | Saturday, 20 April, 2024

23 years old Mecievi Khieya was recently selected to be the winger of the Thonburi United Football Club. Thonburi United Football Club, is a Thai football club under the stewardship of Thonburi University based in Bangkok, Thailand. The club is currently playing in the Thai League 3 Bangkok metropolitan region.

Apart from his free accommodation, free travel and other, Khieya will be paid 20000 Baht (Rs. 50000) per month.

Son of Keviphora Khieya and Kepusanuo Khieya, Khieya hails from Jakhama village. He graduated from St.Joseph’s college, Jakhama.

In an interview with Nagaland tribune, the young sportsperson expressed his excitement on being selected as Nagaland’s next top player and to join Thonburi United Football Club

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“I am very excited to venture to a new country and start a new life,” shares Khieya who was inspired by the game at a young age and started playing around the age of 7.

He considers Christiano Ronaldo as his role model for his hard work and dedication as a football player.

For Khieya, developing a positive mindset has bought him this far. “Before any match, I try to stay focus and visualise  the game on and off the pitch and meditate,” says Khieya.

He also viewed that effective communication and mutual respect for fellow team members are the values and quality of a footballer.

And to be a successful player, Khieya mentions, having the spirit of teamwork is very important.

“My short-term goal for football is to give my best performance in the four months of the contract which I have signed up with the Thonburi United and my long term plan is  to work hard and sign up with professional teams,” says Khieya.

He also added that he always try stay motivated and stay away from distraction and maintain a positive mindset before playing a game.

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