Training on weaving and Bamboo craft held


BY | Monday, 25 March, 2024

A training on weaving and bamboo craft organised by the Lidi Kro-u society Kohima in collaboration with the Employment, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Department Nagaland was held at Biekrazou, Kohima Village from March 11-23.

80 trainees including students from Khedi Baptist Hr. Sec. School, and Children’s Christian School participated in the training.

On the last day of the program Zubemo Tsanglao, Joint Director, Employment, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Department, in a short speech, highlighted that traditional skills have existed since ancient times, predating modernization. “Tasks like building houses and clothes-making were traditionally passed down through generations. However, with industrialization and modernization, there has been a decline in the practice of these traditions and the preservation of cultural heritage,” expressed Tsanglao.

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He acknowledged Lidi Kro-u which has played a significant role in pioneering efforts to revive these fading traditions and pass them on to the younger generation. The speaker commended Lidi Kro-u for their dedication and expressed the department’s commitment to supporting them in preserving these traditions. Emphasizing the importance of not only reviving traditional skills but also honoring the holistic knowledge imparted by our ancestors, he stressed the crucial role of traditional skills in laying a solid foundation for our society.

Urging the participants to immerse themselves in learning these skills, Tsanglao underscored the essential link between understanding our roots and embracing them fully. He highlighted the symbiotic relationship between modernization and tradition in today’s world, emphasizing that both aspects are equally vital for our collective progress and identity.

Later, Tsanglao handed over certificates to the trainee.

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