ULB polls 2024: Wapangnaro Pongen declares candidacy from Mokokchung’s Kumlong Ward No.7

Mokokchung: Wapangnaro praises efforts of past and present women leaders who fought to make reservation a reality

BY | Thursday, 23 May, 2024

Wapangnaro Pongen declared her candidacy today for the upcoming Elections to the urban local bodies (ULB) elections from Kumlong Ward No. 7, Mokokchung Town. This declaration took place at the residence of S. Panger Ao, Foot Step 12, Mokokchung.

Wapangnaro, a permanent resident of Kumlong Ward for almost 30 years, brings a wealth of experience from her theological background and her 19 years in the teaching profession and administration, with this year marking her 20th year. She currently serves as the Vice Principal of Jubilee Memorial School in Mokokchung.

Addressing the gathered crowd, Wapangnaro expressed her honour in announcing her candidacy, highlighting her empathy, integrity, and commitment to the common good cultivated through years of education and service.

She emphasized the historic nature of this ULB election in Nagaland, which, for the first time, includes 33% reservation for women. Out of 418 wards across 39 municipalities, 142 are reserved for women. Wapangnaro praised the efforts of past and present women leaders who fought to make this reservation a reality.

If elected, Wapangnaro pledged to serve the people of her ward with dedication and to work towards the smooth implementation of the Municipal Act, 2023. She promised to address any cultural contradictions and to act as a mediator between the people and the government to promote sustainable practices and transparency.

She concluded with a powerful message to the voters, urging them to use their votes to shape a better future. “Your voice is your vote,” she said, “so please help me in casting your precious vote. Let’s make our voices heard and our votes count.”

Rongsenyangba chaired the program. S. Lanu Imchen, Chairman of Kumlong Ward, Kumlong Lanur Telongjem, Kumlong Watsu Telen, Yimjenkimong Senso Telongjem Mokokchung, and Mokokchung Molungyimsen Senso Telongjem and from the candidate’s family members also delivered short speeches.

The elections to the municipal/town councils are scheduled to be held on 26th June 2024 with 142 wards across the State reserved for women.

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