USSC stages protest in Kiphire against shortage of teachers in Sangtam areas, gives govt 7 days to address matter

Kiphire: USSC has submitted 3 representations and 2 ultimatums to the govt without any positive outcome

BY | Tuesday, 8 August, 2023

The United Sangtam Student’s Conference (USSC) staged an agitation at its headquarters on Tuesday over the transfer of several teachers with post and shortage of teachers in government schools under Tuensang and Kiphire areas.

During the program held at Kiphire, Vice President of USSC, Sethrongba Y Sangtam mentioned the chronology of their letter being submitted to the Principal Director of School Education, Nagaland under the subject. The first memorandum was submitted way back on 30 October 2021, then on 19 January 2022, and recently on 8 June 2023 where USSC gave 17 days to fulfil the demands.

He iterated that the conference conducted the first phase of educational tour under its jurisdiction from 13 May till 3 June 2023 with aims to ensure the delivery of quality education for the student community but the interactive sessions with both teaching and non-teaching faculties unveiled various challenges and difficulties faced by the schools and students, the poor infrastructure facilities, poor sanitation, hygiene, insufficient textbook, laboratory and computers and other such issues causing severe consequences for students.

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Sethrongba also mentioned that under Sangtam jurisdiction, including both Kiphire and Tuensang districts, there was a shortage of 142 teachers since 2020. 63 teachers had been transferred with post, he added.

“We are not here today only for one particular community or people but for everyone who deserve a better future irrespective of tribes,” he told the gathering and appealed the students, parents and public to support the cause for a better future of the upcoming generations.

It was informed that USSC has submitted three representations and two ultimatums to the government, without any positive outcome.

In an ultimatum submitted today through the Deputy Commissioner Kiphire, USSC has given a deadline of seven days to the Principal Director, Directorate of School Education, Kohima, Nagaland, stating that failure to fulfil the students’ demands will lead to escalated agitation which will undoubtedly disturb the normal functioning of the educational institutions severely impacting the academic environment.

The USSC in its letter pointed out some distressing concerns arising due to the implementation of the rationalization order, which has led to the transfer of various teachers from Sangtam jurisdiction to other districts without providing relivers, adding that some teachers have informally attached themselves to influential figures including Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs), District Education Officers (DEO), SDEOs, and DoSE. Highlighting that the consequences of these unwise decisions have already began to manifest within the educational institutions putting the future and life of the students at brink of collapsing.

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The Deputy commissioner and DEO gave their full cooperation to take the matter as the foremost concern and forward them to the right channel for immediate intervention.

When questioned by some student leaders to DEO about the transfer of teachers and shortage of teachers in the district, DEO Kiphire Deenbandhu Panda said, “the department in the name of rationalization gives order to the District Education Office for the said matter therefore, they cannot do anything but obey the orders from the higher ups.

“There is nothing I can do in my authority. We follow the orders from the Directorate and superiors,” he said.

At the protest, the other panel of speakers included T Thinglise, President, Seyochung area Students’ Union, Limpiba M, President, Kiphire Area Students’ Union, L. Pisaliba Sangtam VP, Amahator Range Students’ Union.

The speakers made strong demand that those government teachers who are holding the posts should be responsible in delivering quality education to its students or quit from their posts and give chance to those who are truly ready to serve the student community.

The speakers also mentioned that the present leaders were themselves products of the same schools and therefore even the present and future generations deserve to have equal opportunity and rights like they had.

“Teachers is the only profession that makes all other professions possible,” a speaker quoted.

Students from various schools participated in the agitation holding placards with slogans such as “We Want Teachers”, “No teachers No class”, “Don’t Burn our Future”, etc.

The program was chaired by Nuzise Sangtam, President, Sitimi Area Students’ Union, invocation was pronounced by RJ Tethsomong, President, Longmatra Area Students’ Union and welcome address was delivered by Aketo V Sangtam, executive member, USSC.

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