NCC (Air) training camp culminates at Patkai Christian College, Dimapur

BY | Sunday, 7 July, 2024

The 1 Nagaland Air Squadron NCC successfully conducted its highly anticipated Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) and Pre-Vayu Sainik Camp at Patkai Christian College, Dimapur in Nagaland. The camp, commenced on 27 June 2024 with over 400 Air Wing Cadets participated from various districts of Nagaland, Mizoram and Assam, informed a press release by PRO & Spokesperson, Ministry of Defence, Manipur, Nagaland and Southern Arunachal Pradesh

During the 10 days of diverse training curriculum, the enthusiastic cadets participated in military, sports and cultural activities under the able guidance of experienced instructors and officers, the camp encompassed a diverse range of training curriculum, aimed at holistic development and preparedness.

Physical Training (PT) sessions are an integral part of the military life and were conducted daily, ensuring cadets maintain good physical fitness levels. Precision and discipline were instilled through rigorous Drill practics, emphasizing teamwork and coordination. Weapon Training sessions provided invaluable hands-on experience, acquainting cadets with the fundamentals of handling firearms safely and effectively. Public Speaking workshops honed communication skills, empowering cadets to articulate ideas confidently and persuasively.

In line with environmental stewardship, the camp included a commendable Tree Plantation drive, reinforcing the importance of sustainability and ecological conservation among the future leaders. Educational movies and Motivational Lectures enriched the learning experience, offering insights into leadership, patriotism, and service to the nation.

The Pre-Vayu Sainik Camp held at Patkai Christian College, Dimapur, not only served as a preparatory ground for cadets but also emerged as a platform for the selection of exceptional talent to represent North-Eastern Region at the prestigious All India Vayu Sainik Camp.

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The camp saw cadets delve Into the fascinating world of aeromodelling, where they honed their creativity and engineering skills in constructing and flying model aircraft. A comprehensive study of aviation subjects deepened cadets’ understanding of aeronautics, navigation, and the principles of flight, preparing them for future challenges in the realm of aviation.

The selection process for the All India Vayu Sainik Camp was rigorous, evaluating cadets not only on their technical proficiency but also on their leadership potential and commitment to the values of the National Cadet Corps (NCC). Those selected exemplified exceptional performance across all training modules, demonstrating a blend of skill, dedication, and exemplary conduct.

The Combined Annual Training Camp and Pre Vayu Sainik Camp at Patkai Christian College, Dimapur, served as a platform for nurturing future leaders and patriots, instilling in them a sense of duty, discipline, and dedication towards the nation.

1 Naga Air Squadron won the Inter Unit Competition during the camp.

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