MDFA Trophy 2023 Semi-Finals: 87th minute goal from Zhotso takes defending champion Telongjem FC into Final

Mokokchung: Telongjem FC and last year’s runners-up Moanungsang MSC will face each other once again on 3rd Nov

BY | Wednesday, 1 November, 2023

Defending champion Telongjem FC secured a place in the MDFA Trophy 2023 Final after a challenging contest against KSR Team in the Second Semi-Final match held today at the Imkongmeren Sports Complex.

The last Semi-Final match drew a large crowd in support of their respective teams. Both teams boasted strong players and exhibited excellent teamwork. The first half between Telongjem FC and KSR Team concluded without any goals being scored, with both teams giving their best efforts to secure a spot in the final.

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Telongjem FC dominated ball possession and made multiple attempts with great skills to break through KSR’s defense. However, KSR’s goalkeeper, Eshong Konyak, wearing jersey number 9, proved to be a formidable barrier, denying any scoring opportunities for Telongjem FC and blocking several goal attempts.

KSR Team’s players were equally impressive, maintaining possession of the ball and challenging their opponents with great skill. In the 60-something minute, KSR Team had a penalty kick opportunity, which was taken by Rhitso Mero, wearing jersey number 10. Yet, Telongjem FC’s goalkeeper, Homuka Yeputho, in jersey number 21, made a crucial save, preventing a goal.

Both teams continued to play with determination, and shots and attempts from both sides kept the spectators engaged, with fans passionately cheering for their teams.

In the 87th minute, Telongjem FC’s talisman H Robinson Khongsai wearing jersey number 15, received the ball on KSR’s left flank. He skillfully penetrated into the opponent’s box after evading two defenders. He crossed the ball over KSR’s goalkeeper to his teammate, Striker Shurozol Zhotso, wearing jersey number 11, who was positioned at the other end of the post with an open net. Zhotso comfortably headed the ball into the net, marking the only goal of the match.

This crucial goal strengthened Telongjem FC’s chances of reaching the finals. With four minutes of additional time, the match concluded with a scoreline of 1-0 in favour of Telongjem FC.

The same finalists as the previous year, defending champions Telongjem FC and last year’s runners-up Moanungsang MSC, will face each other once again in the MDFA Trophy 2023 Final on November 3, 2023, at 1:00 PM.

Imkong L Imchen, Advisor for Information & Public Relations, Soil & Water Conservation, Government of Nagaland, will serve as the Chief Match Patron at the Imkongmeren Sports Complex in Mokokchung.

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