Mokokchung: Public has mixed feeling on NST bus services operating from ISBT Yimyu

Mokokchung: The bus terminus in Yimyu is around 5 kilometres away from the centre of the town

BY | Saturday, 27 May, 2023
ISBT Yimyu, Khensa in Mokokchung

Nagaland State Transport (NST) Mokokchung has started offering services from the ISBT in Yimyu, Khensa, that was completed back in 2010 and inaugurated on 1 August 2011. The bus terminus remained out of service due to various issues faced by the public due to its location. However, services started once again from 1 May according to a notification given by the Office of the Assistant General Manager, NST Mokokchung.

The Chairman of Khensa village mentioned that the ISBT in Yimyu didn’t operate for many years due to the difficulty that travellers faced because of its distance from Mokokchung town and also due to the lack of proper facilities. However, with the starting of NST services from the terminus yet again, he said that all the unions of the village are pleased with the changes and ready to cooperate.

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With the commencement of the NTC from the terminus, the public are left with mixed feelings. While asking travellers about this change, some say that the bus terminus in Yimyu being around 5 kilometres away from the centre of the town is inconvenient as opposed to the old NST bus terminus that is right in the middle of the town. However, other members of the public say that the shift will help ease traffic congestion in the town and aid in preserving the quality of the roads within the town.

According to the taxi drivers offering their services between Khensa and Mokokchung, this is a welcome change as they will have an increase in the number of passengers they ferry between Yimyu and the main town area.

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