Rockvival – Bringing Music Back to Mokokchung

Mokokchung: Rockvival first celebrated in 2022 as a way to get town to celebrate World Music Day

BY | Wednesday, 21 June, 2023

Once hailed as the rock capital of Nagaland, Mokokchung is a town packed to the brim with music lovers and enthusiasts. With legendary bands like Squadron, Tune Up Channel, and many others originating from the town, it has an immense wealth of musical talent as well. However, over the past few years, the music scene of Mokokchung has struggled to find traction owing to many factors.

To revive the scene in town, Blend In Events has taken an innovative initiative. Rockvival was first celebrated in 2022 as a way to get the town to celebrate World Music Day. The first rendition of Rockvival saw many bands from within the town as well as a few from outside like Paradigm Shift and About Us. Gearing up for 2023’s World Music Day, Wapang Jamir the Director of Blend In Events had some insight to share regarding reviving the town’s music scene.

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According to Wapang, he noticed a lack of events and concerts following the COVID-19 pandemic. “One day I was just wondering, why not initiate an event?” he said.

Blend In Events first started with a show at Urban Hub Cafe that featured none other than Trance Effect. Wapang said, “After the show with Trance Effect, World Music Day was approaching. So I thought that I should do something special.” According to Wapang, he planned to have a very small program, but with the inputs from his friends and the rest of the team, it became a big event.

Blend In Events, organisers of Rockvival, with TaFMA

After the success of the first rendition of Rockvival, Blend In Events decided that they should make it a tradition for the town. This year’s rendition will feature Bands and artists like Incipit, Tiameren Aier, Spectrums, Decorum Disaster, and Front Fem.

Wapang said that he has received offers to collaborate with event organisers from other districts as well, but he wants to focus on uplifting the town. He said, “What makes Mokokchung unique is that the crowds are wild and make the mood lively”.

When asked about how he wanted to impact the town, he said, “The name ‘Rockvival’ says it all. We want to bring back the spirit of rock in Mokokchung”.

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