Telongjem FC wins MDFA Trophy for third time

Mokokchung: Meyasenba from Moanungsang MSC named Player of the Tournament

BY | Friday, 3 November, 2023

Telongjem FC claimed the MDFA Trophy 2023 title by defeating Moanungsang MSC 2-1 in a thrilling final match held today at Imkongmeren Sports Complex, Mokokchung. Interestingly, last year’s final score was also 2-1 when Telongjem won.

Telongjem FC, the defending champions, secured their third consecutive win, making this their year of clinching the coveted MDFA Trophy for the third time in a row.

The champions, “Telongjem FC,” received a cheque of Rs 200,000 from N Lohou Besii, Manager Regional Business Office, SBI, while the runners-up, Moanungsang MSC, received a cheque of Rs 100,000. Both the champion and runners-up were also awarded individual medals, marking history in the MDFA.

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Individual awards were distributed, with Nungsängyanger recognized as the Best Goalkeeper from the Super Seniors category, David Konyak as the Top Scorer with 9 goals from Konyak Students Union Mokokchung, Tongpongjongshi Jamir as the Best Defender from Telongjem FC, Shilusosang as the Most Promising Player from Sports Society Soyim, and Meyasenba from Moanungsang Memorial Sporting Club named as the Player of the Tournament.

Imkong L Imchen, Advisor for Information & Public Relations, Soil & Water Conservation, Government of Nagaland, served as the Chief Match Patron.

Imchen emphasized that among the 14 teams participating in the MDFA Trophy 2023, Telongjem FC and Moanungsang MSC emerged as the finalists. He expressed his hope for the best team to win and encouraged players to aim for participation at the World Cup and international levels, going beyond district competitions.

The final match attracted a large number of spectators cheering for their teams. The match was intense from the very start, with Telongjem FC dominating ball possession skilfully, while Moanungsang tackled swiftly to regain control.

Moanungsang, playing with a four-man defence, started cautiously and relied on counter-attacks. Telongjem FC pressed high, launching incisive crosses and through-balls into Moanungsang’s half. Moanungsang’s lone striker, Meyasenba (Jersey Number 10), scored the opening goal in the 41st minute, assisted by Molutsupong (Jersey Number 6) in the box.

Trailing by a goal, Telongjem FC pushed their players forward in search of the equalizer. Minutes later, the defending champions had a golden opportunity to level the scores when Telongjem’s talisman H Robinson Haokip Jersey Number 15 attempted to break through and Kiuwang Kaurinta Jersey Number 8 with long-range shots, had multiple attempts blocked by goalkeeper Nungsangtemjen (Jersey Number 1) and Moanungsang’s defenders.

The score was in favour of Moanungsang at regulation time, but with the additional time of 6 minutes, Seiminthang Haokip (Jersey Number 16) of Telongjem became the game-changer. He replaced Winamthiu Ringdi (Midfielder Jersey Number 9) in the 65th minute and scored the first goal for his team in the 90+1 minute, levelling the score to 1-1.

Both teams had several chances to clinch the match in extra time. Seiminthang Haokip sprinted through the left flank of the opponent’s defence, cutting through the four-man defence, and scored the decisive goal in the 90+5 minute, securing the win for his team over Moanungsang with a final score of 2-1.

While speaking to Nagaland Tribune, Telongjem FC’s coach, Tiakumzuk, expressed his happiness over his team winning the MDFA Trophy 2023 and achieving victory for the third consecutive year.

He mentioned that the team is composed of 7 players from Manipur, 7 players from other districts of the state, and 5 players from Mokokchung district.

Last year, the coach stated, “The team will not give up on winning and will definitely strive for more trophies in the future,” and this year, that statement became a reality.

The coach attributes all the glory to God and His blessings and acknowledges the efforts of Telongjem FC’s approximately 25 members.

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